Paste-the-Sheet Wallpaper


    • Traditional wallpaper that requires additional paste (we recommend Romans 880 Clear adhesive, but your installer can also help with this)!
    • Professional install recommended
    • Works best on mildly textured walls and can work in spaces with higher moisture (we recommend applying additional paste in any high moisture areas).


    • The wall surface should be clean, dry and smooth, and free from mildew
    • Wall surfaces should be primed with a wallcovering primer


    • These wallcoverings are inspected and tested – however, they should be checked for defects before hanging. We will replace defective merchandise through your dealer, but assume no responsibility for labor charges for the application or removed of any wallcovering. The hanging of more than 3 strips constitutes acceptance of the product. On plains and textures, we recommend reverse hanging the strips.
    • Apply a lightweight pre-mixed vinyl adhesive to the wallcovering, carefully following the paste manufacturer’s instructions. Please ensure sufficient paste is applied to the edges of the wallcovering.
    • Fold the strip slowly, flue on glue, by taking both ends to the middle of the strip (booking). Let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
    • For non-matched patterns, reverse hang alternate strips. After 3 strips are hung, stand back and inspect. If the effect is not desirable, re-hang strip #2 without reversing.

IMPORTANT: Wash adhesive completely from the surface of the wallcovering immediately after hanging each strip. Any adhesive left on the wallcovering can attack the surface printed inks and cause them to flake.