Guide to wallpaper

Curious which printing type or installation method is right for you & your space? Scroll down for details!

Not sure how much you need?

Here at Jungalow, we offer an exclusive assortment of jungalicious patterns dreamed & developed in-house. Our colorful designs feature hand-drawn doodles and original artwork by Justina Blakeney.

Whether it’s an escape to the twinkling night sky of the desert (Cosmic Desert) or an ode to Mama Nature with palm tree species from all over the globe (Phoenix), we’ve got you & your walls covered!

Let's hang

Peel + Stick

Easy to install and completely removable, this adhesive is ideal for renters, commitment-phobes, and any folks who dig ongoing décor updates! This paper doesn’t require any soaking or pasting, so it can be a simple DIY. Go bold without worry! This adhesive works best on smooth walls in low-moisture environments (avoid bathrooms with moisture; powder rooms are okay).


If you’re a homeowner or looking for a pretty permanent statement wall, go for Surestrip wallpaper! This type comes prepasted, so you just soak the wallpaper in water to activate the paste. If you’re not a DIYer when it comes to walls, you may want to lean on a professional to help you hang it up. Use this wallpaper in low-moisture environments (avoid bathrooms with moisture; powder rooms are okay).


For a traditional installation experience, you or a wallpaper professional will apply a lightweight premixed vinyl adhesive to the wallcovering before installation. This method calls for a bit of extra prep time in order to properly activate the paste before hanging it up. Since there are a couple of extra key steps, a pro is usually the way to go! This adhesive works best on smooth surfaces.

The fine prints

Digitally printed

If you’re into photographic detail in any & all colors, digitally printed wallpaper is the type for you! It’s a more modern method that uses CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) process which allows for endless color combos. This method is how we’re able to seamlessly translate Justina’s original watercolor artworks to a large-scale wall mural while maintaining variance in opacity.

Screen printing/Gravure

Screen printing requires hand-mixed ink combos (including metallics!) and produces an opaque, slightly textured, luxurious look & feel. The Gravure method takes both artisan skill and technology knowledge! Using environmentally-friendly water-based inks, a gravure cylinder is typically etched to create fine printing designs & quality.

Learn the Lingo

On Repeat

A wallpaper "repeat" essentially helps you know how many rolls you'll need to order based on that specific wallpaper pattern. You could have a "small" or "large" repeat – we include this info in each of our product listings for reference.

A more complex design will have a larger repeat (meaning more rolls may be needed to have the pattern perfectly align during installation). Similarly, a simpler design will likely have a smaller repeat.