Guide to rugs

Finding common ground

Check out our ideas for how to select the ultimate size, shape, material, and feel for your specific space.

Navigate by room

Living room

We’re all about an area rug filling up the room while still allowing for the floor to be seen between around the perimeter. If your furniture is “floating” (not against a wall) in the room, keep it all on top of the rug. If your seating is against a wall, be sure your rug extends under the front legs (or more, if possible)! For a smaller space, pop a rug underneath only your coffee table and arrange the furniture starting ~5” beyond it. We also love a layered look (think natural fiber area rug with a smaller statement rug right on top)! 


Treat yourself to something cozy underfoot with a mid-to-high pile. Go for a size that’s spacious enough to let you comfortably step out on either side of your bed. A 9’x12’ usually works best for a King-sized bed, an 8’x10’ for a Queen, a 6’x9’ for a Full, and 5’x7’ for a Twin. Not only is an area rug cozy, but it also keeps the vibes mellow & serene by softening the acoustics in your space.


We’ll give you the skinny – a runner almost always does the trick in a kitchen! If your kitchen is expansive, place the runner over by the sink. If it’s more of an intimate space, try it more in the center of the room. Go for low-pile since it’s usually a high-traffic space (hello, easy clean up). Plus, a patterned design can help easily camouflage any spills! 


Add some personality to your patio with an outdoor option that is about 1-2’ smaller than the perimeter of your space. We suggest a low-pile style so it doesn’t trap dirt or debris. Our Pisolino outdoor rugs by Justina x Loloi can be cleaned with water from your garden hose (just lift them off the ground to fully dry out afterward)! If your flooring is uncomfortable or you have littles running around, pop under a rug pad or grip for extra support & security. 

Things to know

Traffic schooling

Depending on if it’s a high-traffic area for you & your crew, consider the material make up. A natural fiber like jute, sisal, cotton, or wool will be durable and efficient in camouflaging any day-to-day dirt. If you plan to pass through this area often, go for a low-pile style to maximize the material’s duration. Want a more snug feeling rug? Opt for the high pile. Need a super sturdy option for kids, pets, or unruly adults? The printed mat is made for you!

Under the rug

A rug pad can help solve any flooring fears – it helps to prevent sliding and wrinkling, creates a cozier cushion underfoot, and even improves durability. Most rug pads come with a grip and can easily be trimmed to fit whichever size or shape you need. 

Getting into shapes

Think outside the box with uniquely-shaped options. From wild edges on Optimism, to tiger-shaped Feroz, to spirals & tassels on Selby, we’ve got all sorts of modern motifs to offer. Layer them on top of a natural fiber rug or let them stand alone in a smaller space – either way, they’re bound to make a statement