Justina Blakeney Photographed by Max Wanger

Our Story

Jungalow started as a design blog in Justina Blakeney’s tiny, plant-filled living room back in 2009 and has since grown into a
lifestyle brand and the go-to source for jungalicious design goods and inspiration.

Our shop features signature Jungalow and Justina Blakeney collections designed in our Los Angeles studio. We also offer a rotating selection of high quality, limited edition art prints made from Justina's artwork and a curated ensemble of colorful, creative goods from around the globe.

Our hope is that Jungalow is a place that will inspire you to tap into your own creativity, connect with nature, and help you to bring good vibes home. We hope that the pieces that you discover here will give you that little spark you need to make your home a little bit more colorful, patternful and jungalicious. But most importantly, a little bit more you.

Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to our wild world.

Our Design process

Starts by hand

Our designs start out as a doodle, sketch or painting by Justina which then, with the help of our design team and manufacturing partners gets printed, embroidered or woven into wallpaper, bedding, pillows and rugs. Through her artwork, Justina hopes to help you to add color, life, joy, and positive energy to your home.

Our practices & social efforts

We’re all about good vibes, and that includes our process, partners and our products.

Our aim is to design, manufacture and source products made with love, care and with materials and practices that keep our communities and the environment in mind.

From ceramics made in Vietnam, to textiles woven in India, to our wallpapers printed here in the U.S.A., we partner closely with our vendors and artisans to produce quality products and make consistent efforts to look out for the people, communities and the environment along the way.

Sustainability efforts

We are not perfect, but we consistently make changes toward more
responsible and more sustainable business practices.

Sustainability Efforts

Materials & Packaging

We incorporate natural, recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials wherever we can. We ask a lot of questions and work closely with our suppliers to optimize our packaging and reduce our use of single-use plastics and styrofoam.

It is a work in progress, but we work with one vendor at a time to convert to more sustainable packaging solutions.

Sustainability efforts


Our vendors use non-toxic finishes on our Justina Blakeney ceramics that are not chemically harmful
to the environment. The manufacturing process of our ceramics is water-efficient, which uses waterless dyeing, finishing & printing to actively conserve water.

Sustainability efforts


Our Justina Blakeney rugs are handcrafted in India the original way, from dip-dyeing the wool to the intricate task of weaving. The entire process is completely done by hand by a community of artisans.

Pillows go through the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a test and certification system for textile materials, in all processing stages, to ensure no harmful substances are present.

We incorporate organic fabrics when possible, and upcycle fabric remnants into new products. If products are made with recycled, upcycled or organic fabrics or materials, it will say so in the product listing.

Giving Back

It takes a village!
Here are some of the organizations we believe in and support.

be about it

1 product purchased = 2 trees planted

We’ve joined forces with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization. Their mission is to plant Forest Gardens to provide families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuel wood, and a 400% increase in annual income in four years.

This helps the environment and provides food security and income to communities that rely on the trees in sub-Saharan Africa.

Each time you shop with us, you will also support this mission. At least two trees are planted with every single order.

Through our “Trees For The Future” initiative, with your help, we have planted over 123,000 trees (& counting!)

Let’s grow together!