ZZ Plant Cubby GardenZZ plant in Justina's cubby garden (top left corner)

We've been on a roll with easy-care plants in the Plant-o-Pedia lately, so we're keeping the streak going with today's choice: the Zamioculcas zamiifolia. A plant that almost seems to thrive on neglect, the ZZ does amazingly well in low light, tolerates infrequent watering, and can even be quite resistant to insects and diseases. Still working on your confidence with plants? Give this one a try! We also love it for it's graceful arching branches, deep green leaves, and ability to make a statement on it's own, or play well with a mix of other plant shapes.

ZZ Plant HQ

GET THE GREEN: ZZ Plant, Zanizibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).

WATER: Water when the soil has dried out. Err on the side of too little water, rather than too much as the ZZ is very drought tolerant. If leaves turn yellow, it's getting too much water. Balanced watering will encourage fastest growth.  Place in a pot with a drainage hole to discourage root rot.

SUNLIGHT: Bright to medium indirect light. Avoid direct sun. Will tolerate low light, but will grow faster with more light. The brighter the light it's placed in, the more water it will need.

PLACEMENT: Plants can become quite full, so anywhere with room to grow up, and outwards is ideal. We love them on the sides of shelves where their graceful branches can drape a bit. Because it will tolerate very low light, ZZ plants work well for rooms with little natural light, or florescent lighting.

EXTRA CREDIT: Repot annually during the first 3-5 years to encourage growth.

WORD OF CAUTION: ZZ plants can be toxic if ingested. As always, consult your vet before bringing a new plant into a home with pets.

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