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Unless you just discovered The Jungalow today, you already know how crazy about plants we are around here- they add color and texture to any room, and bring the kind of life to a house that truly makes it a home. Without plants, you can't have a jungalow! So, when planning The New Bohemians, we wanted to be sure that everyone who read it could walk away feeling ready to add plants to their home. To do this, we enlisted the help of landscape designer, and plant expert, Stephanie Bartron to help bring the Plant-o-Pedia to life!  Because we often field questions about plants around here, we thought taking the Plant-o-Pedia from the page, to the blog would be a fun way to get everyone in on the plant play- we'll work through plants from the book, like today's String of Hearts, and add some new ones too.

String of Hearts Aleas

String of Hearts

GET THE GREEN: Rosary Vine, String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii)

WATER: Somewhat succulent, so use care never to overwater or allow the plant to sit in water. Water thoroughly, but allow the soil to completely dry out before watering again.

SUNLIGHT: Full sun is OK, if some protection is provided during the hottest part of the day. Prefer summer temperatures 70°F–75°F (21°C–24°C), but during the winter, when the plant goes dormant, it should be kept in a cooler room, if possible—60°F–65°F (15°C–18°C).

PLACEMENT: Each vine will reach 2'–4' (0.6–1.2 m) in length; the plant should be hung or set on a pedestal where it will receive bright light for most of the day.

EXTRA CREDIT: You’ll find that hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers, if your plant is hung in your garden during the summer months.

Got a plant you want to learn more about? Leave a comment and you may find it in a future Plant-o-Pedia!

Photography of Alea Joy's plant by Dabito from The New Bohemians. All other photos by Justina Blakeney.
Plant-o-Pedia excerpt from The New Bohemians with thanks to Stephanie Bartron


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