String of bananas, Fish-hook senecio, Banana vine, or Necklace plant – either name you choose to use, we are B–A–N–A–N–A–S for it! It is one of our go to plants for whimsy in our homes, at Jungalow HQ and for shoots. While we won't be nibbling on any of its little 'bananas', the trailing hooks are perfect for hanging planters in your sun drenched kitchen, or in a plantastic window box. If you're feeling maximal (which is the norm for us), pair it with string of pearls for extra drama!

photo by Dabito

GET THE GREEN: String of bananas, Fish-hook Senecio, Banana vine, Necklace plant Senecio radicans

WATER: Water weekly or less. Allow to dry out between waterings.

SUNLIGHT: Partial shade if outdoors, medium indirect to bright direct light indoors.

PLACEMENT: It's a great easy–care hanging plant for tall shelves, hanging planters, or window boxes.

WORD OF CAUTION: All parts of this plant are poisonous, so keep it out of reach of children and pets.

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