Spider Plant in Kitchen

Photo by Danae Horstfor The Jungalow

The spider plant- which definitely had a big moment in the late 70's / early 80's -- may remind you of your grandmother's living room, but we're calling it -- it's about to make a comeback. With fun striped leaves on several cultivars,  and it's ability to produce off shoot babies, it's the perfect plant to add a little whimsy. What's more, the spider plant tolerates a range of light conditions, is on NASA's list of air purifier plants, and it's non-toxic to pets. Winning all around!

Spider Plant Outdoors

Photo by Justina Blakeney

GET THE GREEN: Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

WATER: Plant in pot with good drainage. Water when top half of soil is dry to the touch. Make sure to drain any excess water from saucers or cache pots.

SUNLIGHT: Bright indirect light. It will tolerate lower light, but leaves will lose some color.

PLACEMENT: Looks best as a hanging plant with room to spread out, but will also work on top of a tall shelf or other piece of furniture.

EXTRA CREDIT: The 'baby' offshoots can be rooted in soil or water. To root in soil, place the baby in a pot with soil near the mother plant. Water and cut off from the mother plant once roots form.

WORD OF CAUTION: According to the ASPCA, Spider plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs!

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