Philodendron Brasil 1

Photo by Alec Perez

Welcome to the stage Miss Philodendron Brasil! This no-frills and low fuss plantie is an easy addition to any home. It’s a fast grower, very forgiving, and also doesn’t attract many pests in my experience so it's a perfect addition to any budding home plant enthusiast's collection.

Native to Central America and the Caribbean, this plantie found its way back to my place and now is an instant jungle wherever I place it. And its striking lime green paint stroke is a fun pop of color among the sea of deep greens of the other plants in my collection.

Philodendron Brasil 2

Photo by Alec Perez

GET THE GREEN: Philodendron Hederacum a.k.a Philodendron Brasil or Heartleaf Philodendron is a common easy-to-care houseplant known for her striking lime green paint stroke across a heart-shaped leaf.

WATER: Water weekly when the top two inches of soil is dry to the touch. These plants are kind of like pothos in that they can tolerate a missed watering or two. When the leaves start to droop that’s a sign that it’s time to water. The warmer it is the more frequently the soil will dry out so be mindful to not let your plantie dry out.

FERTILIZER: Once a month with a balanced fertilizer during Spring, Summer, and Fall. To stay on the safe side, dilute it by half of the suggested serving amount on the packaging.

TEMPERATURE: The sweet spot is 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, any temp 55 degrees or lower your plant will show signs of struggle.

HUMIDITY: Philodendron Brasils don’t require high humidity as regular indoor humidity will keep them happy. However, if you do decide to provide higher humidity levels then it will encourage the leaves to grow larger.

SUNLIGHT: Bright indirect light is ideal for this plantie and they can tolerate up to low light conditions as well. If you want your plantie to have a full and lush look don’t forget to rotate it a quarter turn after every watering to encourage even growth. Don’t place your plantie in full sun as it will burn your plant and nobody wants that!

PLACEMENT: These planties will grow well in a south or west-facing window with sheer curtains to filter the light. They can easily turn any top-shelf into a lush jungle or be a statement piece in a hanging planter with its vines cascading down.

Philodendron Brasil 3

Photo by Alec Perez

PROPAGATION: Similar to pothos, you can propagate by first locating the nodes -- where the leaf sprouts and there’s an aerial root -- and cutting along the vine leaving about an inch between the node and cut. Place these cuttings in water and in a month or so you’ll have roots! Once you have a healthy root system you are ready to move it up to soil and when you do make sure to keep the soil moist.

EXTRA CREDIT: Planties that don’t receive even light on the crown will start to show signs of balding up top. This is normal, there are two ways to remedy this. First, move your plantie to a place where it gets even light up top. Or, you can take a shorter vine and wind it around the crown of the plant to fill in the look. Make sure the vine is touching soil so that its nodes know to grow and secure themselves.

CAUTION: According to ASCPA Philodendron Brasil is toxic to both cats and dogs if ingested.

GET THE LOOK: Our Philodendron Brasil is placed in a cylinder Ivy Mirror Pot and paired with the Face Bookend Vase by Justina Blakeney.

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