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Though it might remind you of Saint Patrick's Day, today's Plant-o-pedia subject, the Oxalis, or Shamrock, is a great all-year-round addition to your plant collection, with it's tiny white flowers making an occasional appearance, and it's ability to bounce back to life when neglected for too long. The Oxalis will also stay compact, so if you don't have a ton of space for plants, this one is a great fit for you. And heads up, if you have a cat, this plant may not be your jam, because we recently discovered that they are very poisonous to our feline friends.

Oxalis Happy Interior

GET THE GREEN: Shamrock Plant (Oxalis hybrid)

WATER: Frequent light watering—just enough to keep plant moist but not soggy.

SUNLIGHT: Bright to moderate indirect light.

PLACEMENT: Great tabletop or shelf plant for a bright kitchen or office, where half-finished water glasses can be drizzled on them daily.

WORD OF CAUTION: This plant is poisonous to cats.

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Photo credit: 1) Dabito from The New Bohemians  2) Happy Interior Blog

Plant-o-Pedia excerpt from The New Bohemians with thanks to Stephanie Bartron.

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